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We love data and technology allowing us to deliver insights from Google Shopping and eBay Marketplace. We harness the power of business intelligence to visualise metrics and insights in near realtime.


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Get real-time competitor price data

ssOur real-time dashboard shows you how your pricing sits in the market. Within just an hour, you can see opportunities for competitive pricing, and get insights to beat your competitors prices.

Know exactly who your competitors are

Our intelligent platform does all the work for you. It will generate information as to who your competitors are, meaning you discover competitors that you didn’t even know you had.

Make Ad Spend Effective

Linking Google Adwords with PriceSynergy allows complete visualisation and reporting on your product portfolio, allowing you to see where you are placed within the marketplace and identify weaknesses in your advertising strategy. By combining this with competitor insights our system can calculate getting you to position one at any hour of the day.

At-a-glance view of competitor product range

aGet the inside edge on your competitors by viewing their insights, products, brands, advertising positions and price changes by the hour, and compare against any product or brand that you have within your portfolio.

In depth market analysis

How well do you know your market? Do you know if you can compete effectively? PriceSynergy provides instant insights into your marketplaces, including information on competitors, potential margins and profits.

Brands & Manufacturers

Get market insight into RRP

Are your competitors selling below RRP? PriceSynergy.IO captures price points across the globe 24/7 enabling near real-time price monitoring, understand who is selling at what price at a click of a button.

Discover competitor pricing

Our innovative dashboard allows you to understand and visualise what your competitors & resellers are doing in the marketplace. You’ll find out in real time what’s being sold and where.

Protect your brand from unauthorised sellers

Protecting your brand across the globe is imperative to any business, Our dashboard allows complete visibility of all resellers of products being sold online, alerting you to any unauthorised resellers advertising products.

Get global data on your products

Our intelligent platform captures the data of resellers across the globe, providing in-depth geographical information not only on resellers but also your competitors.  By utilising our competitor impersonation you get an accurate picture of how products and brands are being represented online.

Understand MAP violations

Protecting your pricing has always been key to any business. We can alert you to any new resellers of your products online whether they are selling at incorrect prices, or simply new to the marketplace, all without you having to provide any information.

“If you don’t understand the details of your business you are going to fail.” - Jeff Bezos

The Price Synergy Story

Founder Tim Ford outlines the challenges he faced in online retail, why he founded PriceSynergy.IO and the importance of knowing your competitors’ behaviours. He shares why this data gives your business the power to win!

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