“This is a race. It’s a race to be relevant,

The big difference between today and yesterday is speed.

You need to be much faster on the execution.”

Publicis CEO Arthur Sadoun

Get insider information on Resellers

With our platform, you can discover who is reselling your product online. All you need to do is give us the URL of your product, and we’ll do the hard work for you, providing valuable pricing data and allowing you to view market insights. 

Our easy to use dashboard allows you to impersonate as a reseller,  viewing all the product data. How much value would that be to your business?

Gain the edge over competitors with this powerful application.  

At-a-glance information about product prices in your market

Capturing millions of data points every hour of the day enables us to provide razor-sharp insights into resellers patterns.

With our platform you’re able to see all of the product prices and advertising positions for every single reseller, on every single product.

For the first time, this data will allow you to become a ninja at advertising, gathering insights from bidding strategies and set competitive pricing in your market.

Get a higher market share with this little-known information.

View price changes for brands over time

What prices were your competitors offering last Black Friday? We know the answer.

With the capability of storing billions of rows of data, we can provide a historic replay of price and advertising movements. This allows the ability to review what a reseller was doing during a specific period.

This data is aggregated over products, brands and resellers, with the option to capture geographically.

Once you have this kind of insight, you won’t want to look back.

Find out where a product is being sold and it’s price

Ever wondered where in the world a product is being sold and at what price? Now you can.  We capture product information at geographical locations, which enables us to deliver powerful reporting capabilities and insights. You can see how a reseller is targeting certain areas with certain products, and where each sale is coming from in the world.

With this data set, you can:

  • Understand where resellers are pushing and getting sales from
  • Narrow advertising spent to where the sales are coming from
  • Understand by the hour when resellers are advertising products geographically
  • View which reseller is selling product in which countries

Harness real-time global market insights at the click of a button.

Uncover opportunities to set pricing in real time

With resellers advertising at different times of the day, our innovative opportunity platform allows you to increase and decrease your prices by the hour,  ensuring you generate the best revenue possible.

Our quick and easy charting dashboard allows you to instantly see what is being sold  online and how much you can increase your prices by.

A fantastic addition to your advertising arsenal.

Utilise the power of A.I. to amplify your Google Adwords

Don’t miss a trick. With ever changing advertising and bid strategies across resellers online, it’s imperative to utilise A.I. to stay ahead of resellers and keep up with market insights.

PriceSynergy.IO integrates fully with Google Adwords,  enabling direct analysis and PPC Bid Management down to the hour, ensuring you get true value for money against your other resellers.

Live bidding information on your most valuable keywords.

Can you afford not to have this kind of market insight?