Unlock your competitor’s secrets with Ebay Product Analytics!

Want to know what your competitors are doing on Ebay? Want to know in detail which brands are selling and in what volume? Our Ebay Product Analytics dashboard does all of this in real time and more!

Our analytics platform runs on Microsoft PowerBi, enabling us to deliver powerful analytics and drill through at a click of a button, ensuring you get the answers and insights you require to grow your eBay store.

Reseller Insights

Our platform delivers near-realtime analytics into retailers selling on eBay. Discover what brands and products they're selling within minutes.

Product Discovery

Visualise your competitor sales by Brand, Category or Product, Understand what products are selling and how many they've have sold over 180 days.

Price Tracking & Alerts

Quickly react to any competitor price changes, with our simple alert system you will always stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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  • Reseller Analysis
  • Product Discovery & Analysis
  • Sales & Opportunity Discovery
  • Track 5 Resellers
  • 30 Days Historic Sales Data
  • Live Chat Support
  • * Plus VAT

£ 199* Monthly


  • Everything from Starter +
  • Track 15 Resellers
  • Price Tracking
  • Pricing Alerts
  • Reseller Analysis
  • 60 Days Historic Sales Data
  • Live Chat Support
  • * Plus VAT

£ 399* Monthly


  • Everything from Pro+
  • Track 50 Resellers
  • Category Analytics
  • Competitor Analytics
  • Reseller Comparison
  • 180 Days Historic Sales Data
  • Live Chat Support
  • * Plus VAT

£ 799* Monthly

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Better understand the eBay marketplace

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Discover the demand for product instantly instead of being left with slow-moving stock items.

Improve Sales and Profitability

Why spend hours looking through listings trying to find what sells on eBay, remove hours and hours of work by using PriceSynergy to deliver the exact results you require, delivering the growth and profit on a products that you know you can compete on and that also delivers the sales you require.