A dynamic, data-driven platform powered by Microsoft

PriceSynergy.io was established in 2017 by CEO and Founder Tim Ford, out of frustration trying to manage large quantities of products and prices while running a multimillion pound business with limited resources.

Tim realised that there must be a better way to gain market insights about pricing and competitors, and started to do his own research into finding a solution. With a background in Software Development and eCommerce,  Tim collaborated with others to set about building the platform. After realising the value of PriceSynergy and what it could provide, they quickly commercialised this platform so other companies could benefit from the solution.

“I wanted to develop a platform that had no requirement to understand competitors within any given marketplace yet deliver the knowledge to me, in essence to uncover ‘the unknowns’ that no one else had access to” – Tim Ford CEO & Founder

We’re proud to say that in  June 2018 we were selected out of 250 companies and welcomed into the Microsoft Startups program, and in March 2019 we received further funding by Microsoft for Startups. We were specially selected out of 25 business to receive the extra funding.

Advisory Board - The Table Partnership

Our top-tier team of experts have decades of expertise in software, commercial management and business reporting.

Every member of our team are verifiable business leaders and experts who have been there, worn the T shirt and done it many times over, and are in a position to understand you and your business

We know the information you need to get ahead of the competition.

Together, as PriceSynergy.io, we provide a unique combination of expertise to align closely with your business plans in order to give you real-time market insights that can dramatically accelerate the growth of your business.

We only work with businesses where we can be confident that we can add considerable value and 100% of our work comes strictly via word of mouth recommendations or inbound enquiries via our own network, which is testament to our reputation in the market.